Dance Expectations Form

Before you buy your dance ticket, you MUST have your parents sign the form

Dance Guest Pass

(Use this to bring a guest to one of our dances)

This must be COMPLETELY filled out with all required signatures before you turn it in to the Assistant Principles for approval.

After the Assistance Principles have signed it please return the COMPLETED FORM to the Actives Office.

Daily Bulletin Request Form

(Use to add an announcement to the daily bulletin)

Due to Ms. Sharief in the Main Office four days prior to first date of the announcement

1) Purchase Order Form

(Use to receive approval for reimbursement from your club)

Due to the Activities Office

2) Check Request Form

(Must be submitted to receive the reimbursement check)

Due to the Activities Office

Fundraiser Request Form

(Use to get approval for any Event and/or Fundraiser)

Due to the ASB Vice Presidents Box in the Actives Office no later than Thursday afternoon